Africa Adventures

Whether you are considering the “Big Five” or the most basic plainsgame safari, we can more than likely assist with your plans. Our company has over twenty five years’ experience on the African continent and we are committed to the quality of your entire safari experience. We work with several safari operators in South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Mozambique and Zambia who not only offer hunting opportunities for a variety of game species, but also fishing and photographic/touring safaris as well. Africa is the perfect destination for including a spouse or taking along family members. Daily rates for non-hunters begin as low as $150 per day.

Many safaris, especially plainsgame, can be booked on a package basis. These packages include daily rate and trophy fees that are normally discounted. However, packages don’t always fit the criteria of the desired safari and a hunt based on a daily rate with species taken on a trophy fee basis might be the way to go.

We have listed a description of each country along with daily rate price ranges and a sample of packages and safaris available.