We offer a variety of trips throughout North & South America, Africa & the Pacific Rim.  Our main objective is to provide you with the information necessary to select the right outfitter or operation best suited to your goals and needs.

While determining where to go for a particular species, and more importantly for trophy class animals, always bear in mind that you have to be in an area where they are found. Whitetail Deer can be hunted from Florida to British Columbia and Cape Buffalo across much of central and southern Africa, but the really “big guys” are only consistently taken in certain areas.

Combination hunts involving two or more species can sometimes be a good bargain and the best way to go.  In other instances, a single specie hunt with additional animals on a trophy fee basis is a better approach.  These scenarios, among others, is where we will offer our advice and recommendations to assist you in planning your next adventure.

Browse through our site, enjoy our client photos, and if you see something of interest or would like to receive detailed information on any of our trips, please contact us. We have a toll-free phone number (in the U.S.), 800-808-4868, for your convenience or feel free to e-mail us or complete our inquiry form located on the Contact page.